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Lodo Rates

All pricing is on a per pet basis unless stated otherwise.


Classic Room - $38.00

Luxury Room - $50.00

Bronze (Half Day Daycare or 1 personal playtime, treat) - $15.00

Silver (Full Day Daycare or 2 personal playtimes, treat, late checkout until 7 p.m.) - $21.00

Gold (Full Day Daycare or 2 personal playtimes, treat, daily photo, extra potty walk, late checkout until 7 p.m.) - $28.00

Private Swim - $20.00

Multi-pet discount - 20% off


Half Day (open until 1 p.m. or 1 p.m. until close) - $22.00

5 pack (half day) - $102.50 ($20.50/day)

10 pack (half day) - $190.00 ($19.00/day)

20 pack (half day) - $370.00 ($18.50/day)

Full Day - $35.00

5 pack (full day) - $165.00 ($33.00/day)

10 pack (full day) - $310.00 ($31.00/day)

20 pack (full day) - $600.00 ($30.00/day)

Day Boarding - $37.00

Day Spa (social dogs only) - $15.00


Staff Baths - $20.00 - $35.00

Self-wash: Wash with shampoo - $14.00

Self-wash: Wash without shampoo - $12.00

Self-wash: Additional Dog - $8.00

Full Service Grooming - Call for quote

Lodo only accepts social dogs.

*Peak or seasonal rates may apply. Luxury boarding rates require the purchase of a package.

We offer a multi-pet discount of 20% for each additional dog boarding in the same room.

We require a $25 deposit for all boarding reservations. Deposits are fully refundable with cancellation notice of 7 days. 3-day minimum stay and additional deposit requirements apply to major holidays. A $10 late fee will apply if your pet is picked up after 12pm and you have not booked a Silver or Gold package.

Daycare Packages can be split among multiple family dogs. Valid for one year. Packages are non-refundable.

We stand behind our commitment to a happy, healthy, and safe environment. That’s why we now include our City Bark Health Care Commitment with every service we offer at our resorts. Ask a staff member or visit our website for details.