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Dog Grooming

Voted "Best Grooming" by Colorado Community Media

We offer full-service dog grooming to any furry companion looking to get pampered after a fun day of play. From a soothing bath to thorough brushing, your dog will feel loved while spending time with our experienced groomers. We strive to make your pet feel safe and at ease while we get them looking their best.


While grooming should be done on a consistent basis, the frequency to which your pet needs to be groomed will depend somewhat on daily routines, coat type, age, and general health. It is recommended that long-haired dogs be groomed every 6-8 weeks to avoid matting. In addition, your pet will benefit from regular brushing to remove any loose hairs and dead skin cells, to rid the coat of debris and external parasites, and to disseminate skin oils that form along the hair shafts.

Dog Grooming Services

We can assist in recommending the proper tools to use for your pet's coat type. If your pet suffers from allergies, our groomer may prescribe regular bathing as part of the treatment routine. Be sure to notify us of any special needs your pet may require such as specific shampoos or eye care and bring any of these products with you to your appointment. Please schedule your pet's appointment in advance, especially during the warmer summer months and near the holiday seasons.

We are happy to offer the following services to assist in the health and maintenance of your pet:

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Anal Gland Expressing

  • Bathing

  • Coat Brushing /Shearing

Staff Baths

Getting clean can get messy! At City Bark, we understand that a clean pet makes for a happy owner! Our staff baths are perfect for making sure your furry friend looks and feels great!

We offer staff baths to make sure your pet is clean and happy, relieving you of the chore of bathing your pet. Our staff baths are a convenient and easy way to keep your pet looking and feeling great.

Contact your nearest location to schedule a staff bath today!

City Bark Pet Points Rewards

Loyalty Deserves To Be Rewarded. Loyal pets—and loyal pet parents—are entitled to all the appreciation in the world. And we’re delighted to reward your repeated visits to us with a program that recognizes your support. Every dollar you spend earns a reward point. And every 250 points you collect earns a $5 credit on your next stay. Entry into the rewards program is automatic. 

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Grooming Reviews

Here's what some of your neighbors are saying about their grooming experiences at City Bark!

"Our three fur babies visited Steph, the groomer, and she is so sweet and great with the dogs. Not only do they look great after their appointment, but she also takes the time to discuss how the dogs did during their appointment and things to work on. I really appreciate that!"

Lauren R.

"The City Bark staff are true animal lovers. They treated my fur baby like a princess. Her new haircut was exactly what I wanted and even made her feel soft and silky. I have never picked my baby up from a groomer or vet where she wasn't terrified until now. She was very comfortable and happy while she was there. Thank you City Bark for taking such good care of my baby!!"

Lydia M.

Is your dog in need of a spa day?

Look no further than City Bark!

Whether your dog is boarding with us or you are looking for a primary dog groomer, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us for the ultimate grooming experience!