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Your Furry Friends
Feel at Home at City Bark!

When they can’t be at home, bring them to the next best place: City Bark! We love being able to help owners reduce the stress that comes with having to leave your furry friend at home for the day or while you’re on a long trip. With luxurious suites to an outdoor park fit with a doggie pool, we’re confident that no matter what your pet’s tastes are, they’ll have a great time! Not only will they meet new friends and have fun in our play areas, they’ll be treated with the same compassion and love they get from you at home! We provide only the highest level of care and offer only high-end pet food, treats, and toys. We want every single one of our guests to enjoy their stay at City Bark, and for their owners to have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe, happy, and healthy.

Doggie Daycare

Your canine friend can run, swim, hop, fetch, and so much more at City Bark’s doggie daycare! They’ll get to socialize with other dogs while getting the exercise they need to come home at the end of the day a tired but happy pup!


Pets and pet owners love the fact that our overnight guests are treated to large, luxurious rooms and plenty of amenities to keep them entertained. We’ll conduct an interview with your pet to get to know them better and improve the quality of their stay.


Treat your furry friend to a day at the spa – you both deserve it! We use all natural, specially formulated shampoos and provide clips tailored to your specifications. Allow our certified groomers to provide your pet with 5-star, professional care today!

For Our Canine Companions

Does your pooch give you those sad puppy dog eyes every time they see the suitcase come out? Give them something to smile about! At City Bark, we’ve created an environment we’re sure your pooch is going to love! Whether your pup wants to play with their new friends at our doggie daycare, enjoy some one-on-one cuddle time, or lounge by the pool, we’ve got the accommodations and certified staff to give them the care they need! By the end of your canine’s stay, they’ll be beggin’ for more time at City Bark!

For Our Feline Friends

We understand that our feline friends tend to have particular tastes, so we’ve created an environment where they can quietly and peacefully enjoy their time away from home. Our spacious suites come with plenty of natural lighting so your cat can roll around and nap in the sun, just like they do at home! There are also plenty of places for them to explore, hide in, and crawl up to keep them busy. We even have a fish tank/TV where they can engage their curiosity by safely observing the colorful fish swim back and forth. Whether they’re staying just for one night or several days, your cat can delight in the comforts of home at City Bark!

Our Achievements

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