Give yourself peace-of-mind with our professional, overnight dog boarding services. We offer safe havens for dogs of any size to sleep comfortably while you are away.

Sometimes a little added comfort makes a world of difference for your pet during their overnight stay. We offer luxurious suite accommodations for those dogs with more discriminating tastes.

After a good night’s sleep at City Bark, your dog is welcomed to join the fun at doggie daycare which includes time at the popular swimming pool! For those dogs that need a little less activity, we offer private outings and swims.

All sleepover dogs are required to come in for an interview prior to their first day with us, have proof of vaccinations, and enjoy playing with other dogs. We do interviews between 10:00 AM & 3:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

Interested in our dog boarding services? Contact your nearest location today!

  • Up to date vaccinations for all guests. We cannot accept any guest that is not current on their vaccinations. Including both strains of the Canine Influenza vaccination (H3N8 & H3N2).
  • Medications must be in the original bottle.
  • Slow feeder bowls or elevated bowls are always welcome, but we have our own bowls so please do not bring any personal bowls.
  • Food must be in an air tight container.
  • Vet contact info is current.
  • Please verify that the owner and emergency contact (different person) info is current.
  • If dropping off after 4pm, please make sure your pups are fed and medicated.
  • Please drop off your dog for boarding before 5pm. This allows them to get settled in before it’s bed time.
  • Staff Baths are recommended for stays longer than three days, we keep the facility very clean but dog smells still accumulate easily on dog fur.
  • Toys are a great addition and stress reliever, please limit what you are bringing and NO tennis balls. If they do not like toys, our shin bones are great for their visit to keep your dogs occupied.
  • For anxious and new dogs bringing in an item that smells like their favorite person. It will act as a security blanket for them. A shirt or towel would be great.
  • Their own bedding is a great comfort, but if they chew it up we will remove it for safety.
  • Treats and wet food are helpful for dogs that do not eat well, please bear in mind that we do not allow Greenies or Rawhides.