Giving your dog a bath can be quite the task, especially if they are a large dog or are not a fan of water. From finding a space to bathe your dog to all the splish-splash mess that comes with it, sometimes it may feel as though it’s easier to skip the bath altogether!

At City Bark, we understand the challenge of getting your pet clean. That is why we offer convenient self-wash tubs! Instead of making a mess at your house while trying to give your dog a much needed bath, come down to our house and make a mess here!

Our specially designed bathing tubs make it easier for you to thoroughly clean your pet on your own. Our adjustable long hose sprayers allow you to reach those hard to wash spots on your dog, giving your pet an efficient bath every time.

When bath time is over, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up! City Bark will do all the cleaning up for you.

Is your pet ready to take a relaxing bath? Contact your nearest location to get started.

Not available at the Centennial, Thornton and Broomfield locations.