Denver A List – 2018 Results

We’re at the top in both Best Daycare and Boarding! We received the highest honor as #1 for Best Daycare and #1 for Boarding! We would like to thank our furry friends and families for choosing City Bark!

Denver A List-2017 Results

We’re at the top once again! City Bark received the hightest honor as #1 for Best Daycare! We also placed 4th in Best Boarding. We would like to thank our furry friends and their families for choosing City Bark!

Denver A List-2016 Results

The votes are in and City Bark has captured some top notch placements for Best Pet Sitting (#2) and Best Boarding (#3) – Thanks again to our awesome furry friends and their families!!

City Bark is a Foster Home for Several Rescue Groups

Did you know that City Bark is a foster home for several different rescue groups? If you are looking to add a new furry member to your family, ask us about our current fosters.

Composting Waste

Did you know that both of our Denver locations compost your dog’s waste?

All 4 City Bark locations have received the prestigious Colorado Association of Dog Daycares Gold Standard Accreditation.

The Colorado Association of Dog Daycares encourages its members to reach for a standard of excellence beyond the requirements for state licensure. State licensure covers facility related criteria such as construction materials, space requirements and sanitation but not behavioral evaluation of client dogs, or staff experience and training. CADD’s Gold Standard Accreditation is designed to demonstrate the facility’s commitment to providing the highest level of professional dog management and care. We are very proud of achieving this designation at all 4 locations, as it demonstrates City Bark’s continuing commitment to providing the best quality of care for your dog through our emphasis on staff training. We realize that most of our customers will never fully understand how much time and effort we devote to training our staff on dog behavior, but receiving this designation is proof of our commitment.